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How Our Journey Began..

The company started with an idea of developing a product which could help in digitizing the villages of the country and bridge the gap between the urban and rural sectors of society.

As a company, we started growing when our product started being used at a
gram-panchayat level in many villages.

This gave us the boost to work beyond the limits and at a larger scale, help connecting and digitizing communities all over the the globe.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

What Defines Us

Smart Touch Tech Services (STTS) supports various business firms and helps them to grow by getting them closer to modern technology.

STTS has the potential to -

  • • Thoroughly study the business case
  • • Point out the exact problems
  • • Figure out the perfect requirements
  • • Provide the effective solutions.

Quality is our priority.

What Do We Do

We have a mastery in various latest technologies and we provide you with the best services and products which would perfectly fulfill your needs.

By working on cutting-edge technologies like Internet of Things (IOT),
providing E-Commerce services,
developing cross-platform mobile and web based applications,
providing UI & UX designs, prototypes, mockups and solutions,
the company has an experience in many different verticals.

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. – Albert Einstein

Work Cycle

How We Work

STTS follows this process cycle to design, develop and test high quality softwares. We aim to produce efficient softwares that meet and even exceed customer expectations, reache completion within times and cost estimates.

Our History

How We Became Successful

Started by taking baby steps, STTS, with its dedication and perseverence has reached all the way to an international level.

2016.Our Establishment

The idea started brewing when the founders thought of devicing a smart-phone application mainly for the people living in the rural areas of the country.

2017.The Early Days

We started growing when our application started getting downloaded and used all over the country

2019.We Are Growing

We started thinking out-of-the-box and pushed our limits to greater extents. We started taking up projects from various technology domains and excelled at it.

2020.Worldwide Recognition

Within a decade itself, our company has been recognized on an international level. Presently, we have clients from Singapore, the USA, the Middle-East and India and we are continue growing with time.

Companies that trust us

Our Partners